How do I make changes to my reservation?

How do I make changes to my reservation?

You can make changes to your reservation. Here's what you need to know:

Changes you can make yourself

The following changes can be made by logging in to your account and modifying your existing reservation. 
  1. Adding guests
  2. Update guest information (DOB, gender, mailing & billing addresses)
  3. Add items to your reservation
  4. Add insurance to your reservation

Changes that require Additional Information

The following changes require you to begin your request by submitting specific information to Team Bender. 

Changes that require Bender Support

The following changes can be made by submitting a support ticket to Team Bender. 
  1. Change guests with financial responsibility
  2. Upgrade package to a higher priced category
  3. All other inquiries
  1. Only the primary guest may request the changes to a given reservation.
  2. Downgrading your package to a lesser valued package is not allowed.
  3. These changes CAN NOT be made directly with the hotel
  4. When submitting a ticket, please include your name, reservation number, and the change needed. 

Click here to submit a ticket or use any of the other "Submit Ticket" links on this page