What is a prebook?

What is a prebook?

A pre-book is a $250 deposit that lets you book a Big Blues Bender package before the general public are allowed to purchase. This allows you first crack at all the room types, from the best suites, to the most economical options. Here's how it works: 
The Big Blues Bender ordinarily goes on sale in early December. This means there are roughly 3 months between when the Bender occurs and when the next one goes on sale. Within this 3 month window of time, you can put down a $250 deposit indicating your desire to come to the next Bender, regardless of the exact lineup. Prebook sales are halted the day before we announce our lineup.

Depending on the volume of pre-books sold, the pre-books are divided into groups, and each group is given a time window in which they are allowed to book, prior to general on sale. Groups are assigned based on when you buy your pre book. If you buy one the first day they are offered, you will be in the earliest group. If you buy it later, you may be in a later group. 

Example of an on sale with two pre-book groups. (These dates do not necessarily reflect the 2023 sales dates)
Pre-book purchasers are sent a unique "Token." This is a code that allows you to enter the booking engine at your prescribed time. Tokens can not be shared or transferred. Once you use your token and enter the booking system, it can not be re-used again!

When it is your time to book, your $250 will appear as a credit (transfer) in your Bender Reservation account and will be applied against your purchase. If you decide that you do not want to attend the Bender after all you can refund your $250, less a $25 fee, or you can leave your credit in place for a future Bender. The pre-book deposit is refundable (minus Admin fee) until August 1, 2023. Refund requests past 90 days of purchasing a pre-book deposit will be refunded in the form of a company check. After August 1st the deposit is no longer refundable and will remain on the account as a credit that can be used towards the purchase of a package or 4-Day wristband.

Please note that the pre-book deposit is NOT a ticket to the event.