Will proof of vaccination be required? Are masks required?

Will proof of vaccination be required? Are masks required?

We reserve the right to make any modifications to our terms as required to conform to health and safety protocols.

To our Bender guests, artists, and staff,

In light of the evolving threat posed by the delta variant of COVID-19, we will implement the following measures at the 2021 Big Blues Bender.

Proof of Vaccination or Negative PCR Test

All persons physically present at the Big Blues Bender must provide valid proof of full vaccination or a valid negative PCR test timestamped within 72 hours of event check-in. All guests, artists, and staff will be required to individually present their proof of vaccine / PCR test prior to receiving their Bender Event credentials.

Mask Mandate

All persons physically present at the Big Blues Bender must comply with Nevada Emergency Directive 047 requiring the wearing of face coverings in indoor spaces. Face coverings are to completely cover the nose and mouth. This directive grants an exemption to musicians and performers while on-stage, and to persons who are actively eating or drinking. 

Covid Response Coordinator

Team Bender has hired a Covid Response Coordinator who will direct our response to the ongoing covid situation. This person will act as our liaison between regulatory agencies, help craft and administer policy, and direct our on-site response on all matters related to covid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will there be a wristband or other form of identification showing vaccination status that attendees must wear?

    • No. You will only be asked to present your proof of vaccine / pcr test to our staff members responsible for verifying your vaccination / negative pcr result.

  • What forms of vaccination proof / pcr test will be accepted?

  • An original official covid vaccination certificate

  • A photograph of an original official covid vaccination certificate (This can be on your phone. All text must be legible.)

  • A valid original PCR test time stamped within 72 hours of event check-in

  • Any person found presenting counterfeit credentials will be ejected from the event

  • Can I get a PCR test locally in Las Vegas? 

    • Yes. There are multiple locations within one mile of the Westgate Resort & Casino that offer rapid PCR testing. 

    • We hope to also provide an on-site PCR testing solution. (More details to follow)

    • In either case, the individual requiring the test shall be responsible for all costs associated with testing. 


  • What happens if I test positive upon my arrival in Las Vegas?

    • If you test positive for covid, you will not be allowed entry into the Bender. No refunds will be issued for persons who are denied entry due to a positive covid test. 

    • If you test positive you must either quarantine in your room, or vacate the property. 

  • What if my roommate fails their covid test?

    • We can not have any person share a room with an individual infected with covid and still participate in the Bender. If you find yourself in this situation, you must decide if both parties shall leave the Bender together, or if one of the parties shall seek lodging elsewhere. 

  • What qualifies as a face covering? 

    • A face covering is defined as a covering that fully covers a person's nose and mouth, including without limitation, cloth face masks, surgical masks, towels, scarves, and bandanas. This Directive shall not be construed to require the public to wear medical-grade masks.

  • I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. Will I be denied entry? 

    • In accordance with Nevada Emergency Mandate 024, Individuals who cannot wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability, or who are unable to remove a mask without assistance are exempt from wearing a face covering as defined above, however, persons exempted under this provision should wear a non-restrictive alternative, such as a face shield. 

    • All persons must either wear a face covering or a non-restrictive alternative. You may not enter indoor Bender areas with no face covering whatsoever. 

  • How will you enforce your mask policy?

    • We will require all persons to wear their face covering as prescribed by law. We will not tolerate abusive behavior directed at our staff or at our guests. Persons who consistently violate this policy are subject to removal from the event. 

  • Have any artists cancelled as a result of these new developments?

    • No. Our entire artist roster as posted on our website is still confirmed to perform at this year’s Bender. 

  • Will the artists still interact with the crowd as at previous Benders? 

    • As always, artists are encouraged to participate in autograph signings and to generally interact with guests of the Bender. We have never made this a requirement of our artist community, and they have always done so of their own volition. This year will be no different. We will invite our artist community to interact as they have always done and hope they elect to do so. 

  • Will the Bender offer refunds or deferments in light of these events?

    • Our No Refunds policy remains in effect. 

  • You have made previous statements regarding your Covid policy. Are those still in effect? 

    • Our previous covid policy was made under the then prevailing mandates set forth by Clark County, Nevada. On May 13, the County Commissioners elected to abandon this plan in light of positive developments regarding the efficacy of masks against the then-predominant strain of covid. Since May 13 we have been operating with no covid related restrictions until July 27, when Governor Sisolak issued Emergency Directive 047 as referenced above. 

  • Could these policies change again?

    • Yes. The circumstances regarding covid are fluid and may continue to evolve between now and the Bender.