How do I update my Travel Guard policy?

How do I update my Travel Guard policy?

You will need your policy number as well as your original departure and return dates. If you purchased your trip insurance through another carrier, you may very well be able to update your policy in the same manner.

Step 1: Find your Policy Details

• You can find your original policy details on your confirmation email, or by logging into your account here:

• Click the “View/Modify” button under your 2022 Big Blues Bender Reservation

• You will find the Travel Guard Insurance section towards the bottom of your email or the reservation details section of your account. The policy number will be a blue colored link on the right side of the screen. If you click the policy number link, you will see the full details of your policy.

Step 2 : Change your travel dates

• To change your policy dates, using the following link:

Need Help? Our team can assist you in changing your travel dates, locating your policy number, and answer some questions regarding your change. PLEASE NOTE: The Bender Team are not insurance brokers, and can not perform any changes that would result in an increase or decrease in your policy premium. For questions regarding your coverage, please contact Travel Guard directly.

Travel Guard Help: (800) 826-4919  available 24/7