How do I contact Team Bender?

How do I contact Team Bender?


You may have noticed this symbol in the lower right hand corner of your screen:

Click on this symbol to access our Quick Help Widget. There are three tabs along the bottom of this widget:
  1. CHAT : Chat with our SupportBot "Ben" and receive quick answers to simple inquiries.
  2. FAQ : Browse Help Center Articles
  3. SUBMIT TICKET: Make a support request. 

Click the "SUBMIT TICKET" tab, and use this form to contact Team Bender.


If you are browsing FAQ articles, then you are in our Bender Help Center.  At the bottom of every page, you will find large text that reads "Still can’t find an answer? Send us a ticket and we will get back to you." 

Click the "SUBMIT TICKET" button, and use this form to contact Team Bender.


In order to provide the best service to the most people, we field all questions first and foremost over email. We will absolutely call you if the situation warrants it, but we will not engage in a phone call with out first having received an email / support ticket outlining your issue. 

Most issues we see on a daily basis may seem complex to our guests, but we deal with this stuff every day and the vast majority of inquiries have straightforward solutions that are best handled quickly and with the "paper trail" provided by written email communication. 

You are welcome to submit a support ticket at any time, and we ask that you explain your issue as completely as you can. Please do not submit a ticket that simply says "I need help, please call me." These types of inquiries will be met with a request that you give us more details in written email form. In order to receive the best and quickest service possible, it is important to begin with a clear and concise ticket submission.