Can multiple prebook deposits be used on a single reservation?

Can multiple prebook deposits be used on a single reservation?

YES! If you purchased a prebook, and decide to be roommates with someone who has also purchased a prebook, you may both apply the $250 prebook deposit towards your shared room.

This will only work if you elect to split payment with your roommate during booking.

Lets assume you have purchased a prebook deposit and your potential roommate purchased one as well.  When you are booking your package, you must take the following steps to ensure each prebook deposit is correctly applied to the reservation:

1. You must elect to split payment with your roommate. 
Since your prebook deposit lives in your account and your roommates deposit lives in their account, the only way you can both use your deposits is if you each use your own account to pay. By splitting payment, your prebook is applied to your 50% of the package, and your roommate's prebook is applied to their 50%. Each of you will now find the details of this reservation in each of your personal accounts. 

2. You must enter your roommate's name and email address EXACTLY as it appears on their Bender Reservation account. 
Each Bender Reservation account is identified by the unique combination of name and email address. When providing your roommate's account information for split payment, you must input their name and email address exactly as they have used it when purchasing the prebook. For instance, if your friend goes by Pam, but her legal name and Bender Reservation account are under Pamela, you MUST type Pamela. If our system does not find a name/email match with your roommate, it will assume your roommate is a new guest and create a new account for them. As such, this "new" account will not have a prebook on file. 
Prior to booking, ask your roommate to confirm the name and email address they used to purchase the prebook, this can be found on their prebook confirmation email.