Are there refunds? Can I get my money back? Can I get a credit?

Are there refunds? Can I get my money back? Can I get a credit?

No Refunds or Credits will be issued for any reason. Once items are purchased, they are non-refundable.

Bender Presents will not offer any refund, in whole or in part, for any circumstance that would prohibit the attendee from attending. This includes (but is not limited to) medical emergency, unemployment, death, weather events, transportation interruption, general strike, pandemic, or civil unrest.


The Big Blues Bender is a special event. It only exists for a handful of days, once a year. In order for the Bender to survive and thrive year after year, we must ensure that the packages we sell allow us to cover our budget and produce the event you have come to know and love. If circumstances in your life prevent you from attending the Bender, please understand that the event must and will go on even without you. We can not forfeit the revenue from your package, nor can we transfer it to a different year. To do so would undermine the financial stability of our company and jeopardize the long term health of the Bender.  

The only protection against uncertainty is Insurance. We could purchase insurance for every customer, and include the premium in our package prices, but this would make our packages unnecessarily expensive and frankly would not even provide quality coverage for the cost. Instead, the more practical approach is for each guest to purchase their own travel insurance policy based on the specifics of their individual travel plans, through whichever vendor they choose. This allows each guest to balance their own sense of risk against cost, and engage the free market however they please. 

We have partnered with Travel Guard to offer our guests an opportunity to purchase travel insurance via our online booking portal. Travel insurance may be purchased at the time of booking, or up to 24 hours before departure. 

We are not insurance agents or brokers. If you elect to purchase travel guard via our booking portal, your transaction is wholly between you and Travel Guard. Team Bender can not assist, edit, modify, or access your travel insurance policy in any way. 

To modify an existing Travel Guard Trip Insurance policy click Modify My Policy

Before purchasing a new package, you can get a quote by clicking on Start New Travel Guard Policy

For any Travel Guard questions, please call 1-877-249-5376