04/30/21 Announcement: Hope is in the Air!

04/30/21 Announcement: Hope is in the Air!

We reserve the right to make any modifications to our terms as required to conform to health and safety protocols.

Greetings Bender Friends, 

We have strived to keep you all continually abreast of changes and updates to the Big Blues Bender, and we are eternally grateful for the kindness and grace our community has shown us in this time. Quite often our announcements have been... a challenge. We love you all, and we love the Bender. Each update we’ve made along the way that made those things feel farther away has taken a toll on our heads and hearts. 

Today we find ourselves in a remarkably fresh and unfamiliar position. We have good news! Bona fide, actual, real life positive developments regarding the 2021 Bender! I know, it’s crazy. We had almost forgotten what good news felt like! Admittedly, what you’re about to read contains the possibility of setbacks, but it’s pretty darn encouraging to see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

We are increasingly optimistic about the fate of the 2021 Bender. There are new, achievable goals issued by our local government that will ultimately determine what a 2021 Bender may look like. There are also specific concerns among our community that we will do our best to address. What we’ve outlined here is the most current and comprehensive forecast that we’re able to provide. We couldn’t do this without you, and we appreciate your ongoing patience and enduring desire to Bender once again!


The state of Nevada has declared that, beginning May 1, 2021, COVID-19 recovery policies and protocol will be managed on the county level. As such, on April 20, 2021 the Clark County Board of Commissioners adopted the Clark County Mitigation and Enforcement Plan

The single most important factor in our recovery is the percentage of county residents over the age of 16 that have completed their vaccination. Here’s how it breaks down:


When 60% of the eligible community [Clark County residents over 16] has been vaccinated, capacity at venues can increase to 100% with no social distancing.

THIS IS THE GOAL! If 60% of Clark County residents over 16 are fully vaccinated, The Bender will be back, and our beloved hometown of Las Vegas will be able to return to its former glory! If you have friends or family that live in Las Vegas, consider encouraging them to make their vaccine appointments right away. Regardless of your personal or political stance on the vaccine, the reality is very straightforward. Vaccine = live music. It can not happen any other way. 


When 50% of the eligible community [Clark County residents over 16] has completed their first dose of vaccination, Capacity can increase to 100%, with no social distancing. HOWEVER, all attendees must have either completed their vaccination for COVID-19 at least 14 days prior to the event or are tested using a PCR test 24-48 hours prior to the event and have evidence of vaccination or negative test result.

THIS OUTCOME IS LESS THAN IDEAL. A situation wherein the Bender staff must be responsible for verifying the vaccine status of some of our guests, while recording, tracking, and reporting the PCR test results of others is very costly and burdensome. Furthermore, it will complicate the general flow of the Bender as it would require bottlenecks to verify the status of all participants. In this scenario the Bender will be held, and more information about testing and verification procedures will be announced at a later date. 


If Clark County is unable to achieve a 50% vaccinated population, a host of restrictions come into play that include capacity restrictions, social distancing, testing requirements, and assigned seating. 

It suffices to say that failure to achieve 50% vaccination would place the 2021 Bender in serious jeopardy. There are challenges at this level that may be untenable to execute while producing an event that can financially support itself. If this spring is met with a resurgence of COVID and stalled vaccination rates, we will assess the situation and issue a statement outlining our next moves. 



The Clark County Mitigation and Enforcement Plan does not specifically address every measure required for large gatherings. This makes sense, as it’s a comprehensive plan meant to encompass all business activity from May 1 forward, and they surely want to maintain some flexibility to adapt as circumstances change. 

The two largest unresolved questions are: Will masks be required? Will a vaccine passport be required? Once we have answers on these and similar points, we will communicate them to you. On these matters, we will rely not only on the county, but also the various other stakeholders in our event as well as the local entertainment community at large. If, for instance, our host property makes a requirement to maintain the use of masks or temperature screening despite a lack of mandate from the county, we will be obliged to adopt such a policy as our own. 

To our staff,  a complete vaccination will be required for all persons working the 2021 Big Blues Bender.


You will find the updated pricing and available packages for the 2021 Big Blues Bender at our website, bigbluesbender.com.

New Transactions: The store will open for new packages and new purchases of extra nights and drink wristbands, beginning May 13, 10am PST.

The payment plan will no longer be offered for the remainder 2021 Big Blues Bender sales, and any new transactions must be paid in full at time of purchase. 

Package Upgrades: We will begin processing package upgrade requests starting today. If you wish to upgrade your existing package to a package of higher value, fill out the package update request form and your request will be processed in the order in which it was received. Even If you have previously added your name to a waiting list, we ask that you fill out this form as circumstances have changed quite a bit since 2020. 

Big Blues Bender Package Upgrade Request Form: click here 

Valid only for current package holders.

Your request must be submitted prior to May 7, for consideration. After this date, upgrade requests will be processed alongside the general public on or after May 13. 

There is limited inventory available for upgrades, and they will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis.

Other Transactions: All other business related to your package will commence beginning May 13. Please contact Bender Support with any business not covered above. We ask that you be patient with us as we reopen our booking engine. We expect a good deal of activity, and ask for your understanding if we can not reply as promptly as you may wish. 


All outstanding payment plan payments will now be processed on July 15, 2021 instead of the original date of June 1.

If you are on the payment plan, you will receive an email in June with full and complete details on how to ensure your credit card is up to date, and what to expect as we approach July 15.

The payment plan will no longer be offered for the remainder 2021 Big Blues Bender sales, and any new transactions must be paid in full at time of purchase. 



Our no refunds policy remains in effect for the 2021 Big Blues Bender. 


To our international guests, we appreciate the obstacles that stand between you and the Bender. We understand that some of you face burdensome quarantine requirements upon crossing the border, while others are outright forbidden to enter the US at this time. While we do not yet have a specific policy in place to handle your situation, we want you to know that your voices are heard, and we hope to implement some sort of relief that addresses the unique hardship you face. We will issue further guidance as soon as we are able, but please rest assured we are not going to hang you out to dry!



Existing package holders, you will receive a new confirmation email next week reflecting your 2021 package information, as well as our updated terms and conditions


The Bender lineup has undergone its share of changes since we initially announced it way back in December, 2019!  As you may recall, when we rescheduled to 2021 last summer, Allman Betts Band and Damon Fowler were unable to move forward with our new dates. Since then, as most of you know, Jonny Lang has canceled all live appearances due to medical issues. The Blues Beatles can not leave Brazil due to COVID restrictions. Most recently Delbert McClinton has announced his retirement from performing. Everything else is still confirmed and we plan to make announcements on our updated lineup soon. Until then, we thank you for your patience!